What can you find in our brasserie?

What can you find in our brasserie?

What is the most important aspect of having your own restaurant or a bar? You can ask numerous venue owners about it and there will be no straight answer to that question. But you can be sure that two of the most often mentioned factors that make or break the restaurant are “atmosphere” and food”. That is why we decided to combine both characteristics to offer you the best vibe mixed with the most delicious meals in the area to create one, coherent and friendly space where you can feel upbeat and dine in style. Want to know more? Read on.

The ambiance

We are the place to relax and simply chill out in a great atmosphere. We are not here to bother you with the specials and three-course meals or a menu so large it could be a next part of “War and Peace”. No – we’re here to enable you to feel good about yourself and to make sure you can find some time and space to rest after a long day. Take your friends with you, listen to some inspiring tunes and simply spend an hour or two in our bar to push the reset button you need and deserve. The Dotted Note was created specifically for those who value the vibe of a place they visit. We are sure that the ambiance of our bar cannot be replicated in the whole Manchester and we invite you to check if we are right!

The food

It is obviously the thing that will make you return to the place. The venue can have the best music in town and the most friendly staff, but it won’t live long if it doesn’t have the most special ingredient that brings people in – meals. And what can better accompany the laid back interior and overall awesomeness of the place than a specially selected assortment of meals for every taste? We hand-pick our food just as we hand-pick the music that plays in our bar and if you just take a look at our menu you will see how eclectic the Dotted Note can be. Feel free to experiment and telll us what you like!